Generic Norvasc Chemical Name: AMLODIPINE Common uses Norvasc (AMLODIPINE) is a calcium channel blocker used to control high blood pressure or angina (chest pain). Reducing high blood pressure helps prevent strokes, heart attacks and kidney problems.

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Amlodipine generic norvasc [00180] C57BL/6 mice 8 mg/kg i.p. (intraperitoneal) daily. Mice were imaged by H&E, FluoroShod, and TEM at 24, 48 72 h after treatment. [00111] U10255 pharmacy online in nz (dosed as a single subcutaneous dose) 4 weeks (72 h) after treatment, rats were imaged at 72 h to test for nephrotoxicity and histopathology. [00112] U87017 (dosed as a single subcutaneous dose) 4 weeks (72 h) after treatment, rats were imaged at 72 h to test for nephrotoxicity and histopathology. [00113] N-(propylthiocarba